Tigress Shark!

Tigress Shark is still making waves in the shark conservation world exceeding well over a million views. It was by far the most exhilarating trip this year and I was honored to be able to lend a hand (and camera or two) to the production. Tigress Shark is a stunning visual experience to showcase the interconnection between humans and tiger sharks to bring awareness to the plight of sharks and targeted toward ending the war on sharks. The brainchild the conservation dream team of Shawn Heinrichs and Hannah Fraser with shark legend Jim Abernethy, this is one of the most difficult shark productions to date.

Shawn Heinrichs filming Hannah dancing with a large tiger shark

Jim Abernethy filming Hannah. She makes it look easy in front a school of grey reef sharks.

Jim and Shawn working different camera angles with Hannah bowing humbly to a graceful tiger shark.

See the video here!

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