1. Celebrate World Ocean’s Day with Yoga Journal and Us

    2021-08-19 19:23:37 UTC
    What’s better than celebrating our oceans on with sharks, remote islands, conservation and yoga? Images and story from our last trip to Raja Ampat published at Yoga Journal to celebrate World Oceans Day!

  2. Dive Photo Guide Photographer of the Week

    2016-10-07 17:03:00 UTC
    So honored to be named Dive Photo Guide Photographer of the week! Click here for the article:

  3. Conservation Through Interconnection: A New Awareness

    2016-03-20 16:32:00 UTC
    Connection, art and story-telling are all valuable tools to help with conservation. Please enjoy Amy Ippoliti and my latest feature with prAna to celebrate marine life and send the continued message to ‪#‎emptythetanks‬ Click here for full story -

  4. Yoga Digest Features the Yoga of Marine Conservation

    2015-11-06 14:58:00 UTC

  5. Tigress Shark!

    2014-09-13 15:43:15 UTC
    Tigress Shark is still making waves in the shark conservation world exceeding well over a million views. It was by far the most exhilarating trip this year and I was honored to be able to lend a hand (and camera or two) to the production. Tigress Shark is a stunning…

  6. Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, and Yoga Featured on Yoga Journal Online

    2014-09-07 21:32:08 UTC
    Yoga Journal Online recently posted a series of images with prAna, Toesox and Boardworks ambassador Amy Ippoliti doing yoga and dancing with whale sharks and giant manta rays. In collaboration with Shawn Heinrichs, we use this imagery to create awareness for causes that help endangered marine species Click here to…

  7. GrindTV and Yahoo Feature Yoga and Manta Photos

    2014-09-05 23:38:43 UTC
    Our recent campaign to raise awareness for marine species under threat of over-fishing went viral with coverage by Grind TV and Yahoo. We combined underwater imagery and yoga to create inspiring images with the hope that we can boost the need to participate in causes to save animals such as…

  8. New Yoga Photos Featured in Mantra Magazine

    2014-09-05 23:37:35 UTC
    Photos of prAna, Toesox and Boardworks ambassador Amy Ippoliti in Australia and New Zealand are in October issue of mantra magazine. Click to see full article here: link

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